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770, Ohirota, Kashiwazaki-City, Niigata, Japan



About us Yumoto-kan

The hot water springing from the Edo Period


The medicated bath of Echigo with history of 150 years,.

For a long time it's flourished as medical hot spring and leave the vestige of old days until now

An outdoor hotspring bath can also give  satisfaction to your senses by the beautiful nature outside.

Sea and Mountain Delights,Seasonal Dishes


The ‘kaiseki ryori’made of the fresh seafood from Kashiwazaki and neighbor fishing port.

Local fresh vegetables and seasonal wild vegetable are very popular.

Please be satisfied with Kashisaki's four seasons.

1st prize winner; Tai-chazuke(Red snapper)


The first prize winner for the 4th japan bowl championship! The tastes are often introduced in the televisions and magazines

Please be satisfied with the taste which turned out to be the best bowl of 15 from the whole country.

Be satisfied with each season


Yumoto house show various expressions by a season.

cherry blossoms in spring,colored leaves in autumn,the voice of insects and bird twitters

You might be able to  see  firefly in summertime.

Please be satisfied with nature of okuyumoto.

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