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The surrouding Sightseeing

These are the events and places to visit near  Joetsu City including  Nagaoka City and  Kashiwazaki City.

These spots can be enjoyed through out the year and can be enjoyed every season.


Higasi-Honcho,Kashiwazaki City

JANASUNAYAMA Mt. Enkoji Enmado temple is known

as ‘enmaichi’s temple’ today.

The temple caught fire several times and the present

store house was build in 1896 by Shinoda Muneyoshi.

Emma Ichi

Higasi-Honcho,Kashiwazaki City

Emma Ichi is a total length of 2km street with about

500houses lined up.

It's known by one of Niigata three large Takaichi with

Murakami grand festival in Murakami City 

and Kabahara festival in Niigata City.

200,000 people visit every year, and there are smiles here

and there on the street.

[Period] June 14th~16th

The Sea of Japan Fisher Mans cape (NIHONKAI Fisher Mans cape)

Oumigawa, Kashiwazaki City

Fresh fish center known by’ Sanjusangen-do of fish ‘with

60m department area There are wide selections of Japanese

seafoods in the department area,

which are  Japanese maximum level.

The direct delivery service of fresh seafood by cool flight

is also popular.

When you’re hungry, a meal at a restaurant and Hamayaki

can be enjoyed.

[Location] Oumigawa, Kashiwazaki City

[Parking lot] 200

 [business hours] 9:30-18:00

[regular day off] January 1


[Question] the Sea of Japan fresh fish center  0257-22-4910

Kimura tea ceremony art museum (Kimura SADO museum)

Midoricho, Kashiwazaki City inside "shounzan so"

Known as a beautiful Japanese garden made in1926

Shouunzan-so has the Kimura tea ceremony art museum

where the various tea utensils  exhibited.

You can enjoy Japanese tea ceremony using the toolswhich

are being kept in the art museum.

They also have outdoor tea-ceremony room and it's possible

to have tea while looking at the garden ,beautiful in each season.

[Location] Midoricho, Kashiwazaki City 3-1 shounzan-so

 ※ outdoor tea-ceremony room is available

     in April to November.

 ※ is available in the autumn  leaves period.

    (Might be change)

[the business hours] 10:00-16:30,

[regular day off] Monday

[Question] Kimura tea ceremony art museum  0257-23-8061

Hara shuzo Ltd. (Japanese SAKE)

Shinbashi,Kashiwazaki City

The sake cellar that got over many hardship such as

kashiwazaki big fire 1911,chuetsu earthquake 2004,

chuetsuoki earthquake 2007 The foundation was in 1814,

the latter period in the Edo Period.

The sake cellar which face the Sea of Japan and represents

Kashisaki which are place blessed by nature.

Representative sake:koshinokanbai

[Location] Shinbashi, Kashiwazaki City, 5-12.

[The business hours]shueikan 9:00-at 17:00.

[regular day off] New Year

[Question] shueikan0257-23-3831

GION festival

kashiwazaki City Area

It opens with children's marching parade

Fork song  and taru nikawa? for 3 days with heat and energy.

The big firework At the sea held in the last day is known as

Echigo three big fireworks.

Worth seeing Lets enjoy Kashisaki's hot hot summer to heart.

[The GION festival ]

 ● July 24  marching parade.

       Elementary,junior high,and the kindergarten children

       will show their efforts of their band practice.

       Take place

       1:45pm-3:15pm: Higashihonmachi 1-chome-2-Chome


       Folk song

       The  citizen perform their cultural fork song by singing

       and dancing,participation  welcomed

       Take place 7:00pm-8:45pm:

       2-Chome, Higashihonmachi-, nikonikodori,

       passage-Nishi-honmachi 1-chome

 ● TARU Niwaka on July 25

        The brave ‘dashi’and’mikoshi’ will head through

        out the city.

        A handmade children shrine with the famous

        character is popular too.


        Take place 6:00pm-8:30pm:

        2-Chome, Higashihonmachi-, nikonikodori,

        passage-Nishi-honmachi 1-chome

 ● The big fireworks by the sea on July 26

        300 rapid-repeat-firework and 100 at-once-firework

        are shown 600m wide starmine is the highlight

        It will be real breathtaking experience!

        Take place 7:30pm-9:10pm:

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