Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki City Hirota Onsen Oku no yu · Yumotokan

770, Ohirota, Kashiwazaki-City, Niigata, Japan



Guest room and facilities


Yumoto house is surrounded by the trees and are quiet.

cherry blossoms and bush warblers in spring,fresh leaves,bird twitters,firefly in summer,voices of insects,colored leaves in autumn,beautiful snow scenes in winter will welcome you.

It is a hot-spring hotel with satisfaction in every season.

A stream flow right in front, waterfall near by will make you relaxed.

VIP Room

A comfortable room of 16 zhou.

Room with an atmosphere will  bring back memories.

You can also enjoy the landscape of the each season  from your room.

General guest room

A room of 8 zhou.

The room you can relax.

Great hall

The great hall of 40 zhou You can also use it as a banquet. 

chair seats can be arranged.


The lobby made with antique furnisher

In a winter, a wood stove will meet everybody.


The terrace where you can relax.

You can enjoy nature while hearing twitter of a bird.

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