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770, Ohirota, Kashiwazaki-City, Niigata, Japan


Welcome to Hirota Onsen Oku no yu ”Yumoto Kan”

In 1805,the farmers found a lot of birds bathing at the lower valley.

As they went down to the valley to see the birds, they found the hot spring with nice  smell and bubbles

 since that day,there are records of people taking bath and  healing sickness/injury at this spring

In 1832,This area met a severe cold weather ,sickness and death appeared one after another.

The locals constructed a shed for these people and this became to be called[hot spring shed] ,as it says in the ancient document.

It is also written in the ancient document that the people who were involved in the collapse of MITSUIN-DOof Ansei year and Mt. Kanekura's injury of the Bunkyu year healed with this hot spring shed and told about the spring as they returned to their hometown.

In 1867,the hot spring was approved as’Hirota spring’ by Kashiwazaki deputy official

the spring was also used to that treat the government army injury  at the  boshin war.

The Niigata governor also  approved this spring as’hirota spa’ since 1880

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