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770, Ohirota, Kashiwazaki-City, Niigata, Japan




Yumoto house original TAI-chazuke


Uses raw red snapper sashimi and namero

Covered by Mitsuba, salmon roe and soup stock.

The deliciousness of the red snapper and deliciousness

of the soup stock create harmony.

Please enjoy the red snapper chazuke  which is also very popular in events.

Japan bowl championship


The first winner for the 4th japan bowl championship !

The 4th japan bowl championship were performed at

Tokyo Dome through January 12 to 20th,

2013 Kashisaki's TAI-chazuke participated to the

japan bowl championship from the 1st time,started

from the 7th prize, 3rd prize,

2nd prize and finally the first prize.

Please be satisfied with the taste which turned

out to bethe best bowl of 15 from the whole country.

Store opening at home town festival Tokyo


Original TAI-Chazuke  is performed at the

home town festival inTokyo Dome every January

Theoriginal TAI-chazuke can be eaten around Metropolitan area,

only at this time Go to Tokyo Dome,

and  enjoy the taste of the home town.

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