Niigata Prefecture Kashiwazaki City Hirota Onsen Oku no yu · Yumotokan

770, Ohirota, Kashiwazaki-City, Niigata, Japan




Free flow hotspring bath


Hirota onsen is a secretive hot spring surrounded by

relaxing nature Yumoto kan is located in a small narrow road.

Please enjoy The medical bath of echigo with history of

150years, and has  vestiges of the old days until now.

The Hot spring here is natural hot spring with the purity 100%,

warming "REIGENSEN" It is known as Echigo’s outstanding medicated bath,

PH more than 9,making your skin smooth Because of the

high Alkalinity,the hot-spring is called ‘beauty's hot water’

The location is by great nature,Surrounded by  Kashisaki's 

mountain and the river.

Please spend  relaxing time.

Satisfy the four seasons in the outdoor hotspring bath


Hear the bird Twitters in spring,voices of insects  in summer

and autumnrelax and enjoying the snow scene by  the hot spring in winter.

Indoor medicated bath


By the name of medicated bath, the hot spring has healed

farmer in the past and are  known to soften neuralgia,

rheumatism and frozen shoulderUsually,the hot springs are

approved by the government even if it doesn’t have

medicational material, but this hot spring has sodium,iron,

and sulfur that will warm your body,more than hot springs

that was approved just because it was warm.

Day trip bathing


The bathing possible hour  10:00-16:00

towel 100 yen

 ・body soap

 ・shampoo and resting room are provided

 Please request meal if needed 10:00-14:00.



adult 600 yen/  250 yen (without tax)

[Meal for day trip bathing]

The Matsu menu  2500 yen

 * Tempura assortment

 * Sashimi assortment

 * Small bowl

 * Steamed egg custard

 * Soba

 * Rice, meat, and vegetables cooked together in a small pot

Red snapper chazuke  1800 yen

 * Small bowl

 * Steamed egg custard

 *  pickles

Tempura on rice  1100 yen

fry table of oysters 1100 yen

sirloin cutlet table 1100 yen

after bath set 1100 yen

 * A glass of draft beer and 3 snacks

Soba or udon with a raw egg 650 yen

Soba or udon With fritters 700 yen

Soba or udon With wild vegetable 700 yen

Soba or udon With tempura, tempura separated from noodles 900yen

Soba or udon With tempura 900 yen

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